Learn Golf Swing in 5 Minutes

A simple book that can easily teach you the technique of the perfect golf swing in just 5 minutes and in 10 minutes if you are a totally new golfer will be enough to you to learn golf wing in 5 minutes or so.

Fortunately, people who are writing books on golf generally and golf swing specially are professional players and can really give you the secrets of playing golf in a very good way. I'd recommend you getting one of these books to learn the professional golf swing.

Don't get long lessons and unimportant information, just grab a simple book with the short notes and secrets of playing golf and doing golf swing like professionals We need the focusing information instead of all these unhelpful information.

Internet is full of good step by step guide that could be enough to you to play and wind any golf game. There is no need to get any expensive courses or training, just a step y step guide can really help you for such things.

Learn golf swing in minutes, step by step programs reviewed:


Clayton Garland, PGA, C.G.F.I. said...

As nice as this book sounds, unfortunately there is no one size fits all solution to the golf swing. While the author may have found a 5-minute solution to help him play better, there are no two golf swings that are alike. In fact, advice that works for one golfer may make another golfer much worse. We don't all learn or understand data in the same way (visual vs. hands-on vs. simply listening). It's much more critical to build a solid foundation from which to build a complete golf swing. I talk a lot about this very thing (the body in motion) in my book, Golf Fitness FOR MEN. I offer up ways to help eliminate limitations in range of motion and flexibility. Both of which limit a golfers ability to perform at a high level.

Clayton Garland, PGA, C.G.F.I.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Steve said...

Just how many books are there out now and how many golf blogs and web sites are their with tips and hints,all in all i am sure you can improve online somewhere but in reality you have to get out there on the green and keep practising to find your own swing.

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